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atnpromo's Journal

4 October
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Since its beginning in 2002, Across the Nation Promo, Model & Staffing has had one of the highest staffing percentages in the industry. Our established relationships with over 23,000 staff throughout the country enables ATN to provide assistance where our clients need it most.

We can provide our clients with a large array of staff from promotional models, samplers, product demonstrators, booth hostesses for tradeshows, nightclub/bar promotional staff, street teams, costume characters, and event/tour managers.

We are constantly looking for FUN, professional, and outgoing talent for our database!

To register with ATN Promo visit and fill out a talent profile:
(or update your information if you have registered already by going in as a returning user (your email address is your user name and your last name is your password).

**If you have a complete registration it is not necessary for you to register with us again.)

*Please note, if your photos will not save in the system it probably means that it is too large. Simply reducing the size should solve the issue. It is important that you upload a photo, it does not have to be professional, much of our talent is chosen only if they have a photo to send to the client!

For more information about Across the Nation, please visit our website at:

Thank you and have a great day! I hope to work with you! Please do not call us regarding work, you will be contacted for all work in your area.
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